Things & Ways To Celebrate This Diwali With Your Family

Things & Ways To Celebrate This Diwali With Your Family – Diwali is one of the biggest yearly festivals. Diwali is a festival of lights and people are always happy to celebrate it with their families and friends. There are many traditions that are followed by people for generations and some traditions are added to the celebration according to the convenience and changing times when it comes to celebrating Diwali celebrations. People love following the traditions and making their Diwali a memorable experience. The happiness, enthusiasm and celebration of Diwali is cherished for life as it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age as there are many different things and ways to celebrate Diwali and participate in the celebration.

Understanding culture and being grateful

People follow the traditions of Diwali celebrations but sometimes they do not pay attention to the rituals or do not know why they are doing what they are doing. Trying and understanding the rituals and the reasons or stories behind the traditions can be an educational experience for you and then you will be able to celebrate a meaningful Diwali. Diwali is an occasion to be grateful for the prosperity you have in your life and praying for even more happiness in the future. If you learn to be grateful, you will learn to be more happy and content.

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Cooking and enjoying traditional delicacies

Many dishes are made during Diwali as a tradition and people enjoy those dishes with their families but if you carefully see the ingredients and the cooking process, you will find out that they are helpful to be healthy in the winter season. One should either cook the traditional Diwali dishes or buy it in stores but as it is a yearly event, one should definitely enjoy those food items, possibly with their families and friends.

Things & Ways To Celebrate This Diwali With Your Family

Things & Ways To Celebrate This Diwali With Your Family

Decorate the house

Clean your house as decluttering the living space can also help you declutter your mind. After the space is clean and organized, decorate the house and the area around the house with Rangoli designs, diyas and Kandeels. This can be a great bonding experience for the whole family as the kids can help with the decorations and adults can arrange those decorations in an attractive way.

Reconnect with relatives

One should visit their parents or cousins or other relatives that are not in contact anymore. Diwali is a festival when almost everyone has holidays and everyone is in the mood for celebration. Meeting up with such long lost relatives or elder people in your family can bring even more happiness in their lives. In the age of technology, it will be a nice experience to go and meet someone personally.

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Donate and share the happiness

Many people shop for Diwali, wear new clothes and eat tasty food. But the people that can not afford such expenses miss the celebration. One can donate old but good quality clothes to shelters so that people who can not afford new clothes will get something to wear for Diwali. Many people also donate sweets and other Diwali treats to the organizations that help less fortunate people, in order to share the happiness of Diwali.

Less pollution

People traditionally enjoy fireworks in the evening during Diwali but it creates a lot of air pollution, noise pollution and it is also harmful to pets and little children. Fireworks are also a health hazard if not handled with care. Instead of dealing with such problems that last much longer than the attractive lighting of fireworks, do not buy fireworks and celebrate Diwali with less pollution.

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