Laxmi Pujan 2020: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi

Laxmi Pujan 2020: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi – People all around the world who like to celebrate the festival of lights, which is Diwali, celebrate all days like Dhanteras, Lakshmi Pujan or Narak Chaturdashi with great happiness and enthusiasm. In Diwali, people light diyas, eat their favorite, delicious and traditional dishes, enjoy the fireworks and spend time with their friends and family. Diwali is usually observed at the end of the year, that is, in the month of October or November. People celebrate Diwali being thankful for the health and wealth they had the previous year and pray for more prosperity in the coming years.

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What is Laxmi Pujan?

Families who own businesses as well as families who work jobs, pray for more profit and wealth by worshipping the booklets in which they record their transactions and other business details as well as some money and other things that symbolize their wealth and economical achievements. People decorate their houses with rangolis (drawings made with colored sand power) and lit diyas. People make various traditional delicacies and offer them to goddess Lakshmi as Prasad.

Happy Laxmi Puja 2020

Happy Laxmi Puja 2020

Laxmi Pujan / Pooja Meaning

Lakshmi Pujan is a day when people pray for their wealth and prosperity to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. In Diwali, people celebrate Lakshmi Pujan, worshipping Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is believed to be the goddess of wealth and to get even more prosperity in life, people pray to the goddess and offer her prasad. Lakshmi Pujan mainly consists of the gesture of offering the wealth one owns to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi as it is believed to be Lakshmi who gifted them with such prosperity.

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Diwali Laxmi Pujan 2020 Date

Every year, Diwali is observed in the month of October or November. In the year 2020, Diwali will be observed and celebrated in the month of November. The date for Lakshmi Pujan is the 14th of November.

Laxmi Pujan 2020 Muhurat Time

For the actual Pujan of goddess Lakshmi, there are auspicious timings calculated in order to have the most impactful rituals. The auspicious time periods to do Lakshmi Pujan on the day of Lakshmi Pujan are given below.

Pradosha Kaal 05:56 pm to 08:24 PM
Vrishabha Kaal 07:10 pm to 09:13 PM
Mahanishita Kaal 05:56 pm to 09:13 PM
Mahanishita Kaal 11:43 pm to 12:32 PM

Laxmi Pujan Samagri

  • Diya with clarified butter
  • Flowers
  • Kalash
  • Water
  • Fruits
  • Rice
  • Mango leaves
  • Incense sticks
  • Prasad

Laxmi Pujan Vidhi

Praying to Goddess Lakshmi is an invitation for prosperity. To please the goddess of Lakshmi is a gesture of great prosperity in life. To do Lakshmi Pujan, one first needs to do Ganesh Pujan as it is believed that Ganpati is the god that must be worshipped first when starting anything auspicious and with good cause. Then one needs to do the Punya vachan and maha Sankalpa that involves ancient auspicious shlokas and mantras. Then one should proceed with kalash pujan followed by Mahalakshmi puja. Later when all the shlok reading and mantra chanting is done, one should offer prasad to the gods and goddesses and then distribute the prasad among the people who are present for Lakshmi Pujan.

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