History of Diwali: Why and How is Diwali Celebrated, Story, Importance

History of Diwali, Why and How is Dipavali Celebrated, Story, Importance – Diwali is a festival of lights. Diwali, also known as Dipawali, is one of the main festivals in countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and other places where there are large Indian or Hindu populations. People lit earthenware ‘diyas’, dress up, visit their religious places like temples, decorate their yards with ‘Rangoli’, eat traditional delicacies to eat with friends and family and enjoy beautiful fireworks in the evening.

Diwali, the festival of lights is a combination of days that are designated as their own separate festivals, like Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi, Lakshmi Puja, Balipratipada and Bhai Duj.

Happy Diwali 2020

Happy Diwali 2020

2020 Diwali Dates

Diwali is celebrated in Kartika, a month in the Hindu Lunisolar calendar, which is usually observed in the month of October or November. In the year 2020, Diwali will be celebrated from the 12th of November to the 16th of November. The detailed schedule is given below.

Dhanteras 12-11-2020
Narak Chaturdashi 13-11-2020
Lakshmi Puja 14-11-2020
Balipratipada 15-11-2020
Bhai Duj 16-11-2020

Why is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated by different people for different reasons. In the northern region of India, Diwali is celebrated in remembrance of the day that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with Seeta and Lakshman after defeating Rawan. In the southern region of India, Diwali is celebrated as the celebration of Lord Krishna’s triumph over Narakasur. Jain, Sikh and many other communities also celebrate Diwali and have many different traditions to celebrate. All these people and all these traditions combined together to form a beautiful festival of lights which has some common elements like lighting diyas and fireworks, eating mouthwatering, delicacies with family and friends and celebrating Diwali in different ways with the same amount of joy and happiness.

How is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is a combination of many festivals. Diwali, the celebration of the festival of lights, begins with Vasubaras. On the day of Vasubaras, people worship their cows and buffaloes. In ancient times, people considered cows to be an auspicious treasure, and to show them gratitude, people worship them on Vasubaras.

Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi is a day when people worship Dhanwantari. Dhanwantari is an auspicious figure that can be vaguely described as a doctor because Dhanwantari has the cure to every disease.

Narak Chaturdashi is the day when Krishna defeated Narakasur. It is the day when people bathe with scented oils and ubtan early in the morning and later eat the snacks and delicacies that are cooked especially for the celebration of Diwali. Some of these traditional dishes include chakli, laddus, and mixtures of savory, fried snacks.

Lakshmi Puja is the day when people worship the money and other things that they treasure as it is the day of worshipping Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Balipratipada is also known as Padwa. On Padwa, married women pray for their husband’s health and prosperity.

Bhai Duj is the day when sisters pray for their brother’s health and prosperity.

Importance / Significance of Diwali

Diwali the last main festival according to people who celebrate Diwali. It is the festival of lights and welcoming the new year, hoping for health, wealth and prosperity. People dress up in their finest clothes for Diwali. People light up their houses and lit fireworks in the evening. People make traditional dishes and delicious food items for Diwali. Many people have holidays on the occasion of Diwali and they travel to their native place or tourist places. All this helps with different businesses and people as they gain more profit in Diwali. Many tourists from different countries try to attend the traditional celebration of Diwali thus fuelling the tourism industry. All the fancy clothes and accessories make a huge contribution in the profit for the fashion industry. All the delicious food items are obviously good for higher sales in the food industry. In conclusion, it can be said that Diwali is a culturally and economically significant festival that is loved by people all over the world.

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