Dhanteras 2020: Dhantrayodashi Meaning, Date, Muhurat Time, Puja Vidhi

Diwali is the festival of lights and a part of this festival is a day that is celebrated as Dhanatrayodashi or Dhanteras. Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi is the first day of Diwali. People start celebrating Diwali with traditional rituals and festivities on the day of Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi.

What is Dhanteras / Dhantrayodashi

Many people believe that Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi is the first day of Diwali. It is the day when many people pray for and worship their wealth. Since ancient times, it is taught that health is wealth, and it is believed that Dhanwantari is a deity who has a cure for every disease. People worship dhanwantari on the day of Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi. Some people also worship their money and other treasures like gold and silver, and pray for their prosperity.

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Happy Dhanteras 2020

Happy Dhanteras 2020

Dhanteras / Dhantrayodashi Meaning

Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi is a word that combines the two words, Dhan and trayodashi or teras, where, Dhan means wealth and trayodashi or teras means the thirteenth day of Krishna paksha. People worship the wealth they have on the day of Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi and pray to have more prosperity in their lives.

Dhanteras 2020 Date

Diwali is usually observed in the month of October or November. In the year 2020, Diwali will be observed from the 12th of November to the 16th day of November. Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi will be celebrated on the 13th day of November.

Dhanteras 2020 Muhurat Time

It is highly suggested and important that the muhurta timings are followed accurately for auspicious occasions like Puja. The timings are calculated by pandits and are believed to be highly effective if followed correctly to get desired results after the Puja. Here are muhurta timings for Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi, and according to these timings, you can perform the Puja vidhi.

Sunrise 13 November 2020 06:43 AM
Sunset 13 November 2020 05:38 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Begins 12 November 2020 09:30 PM
Trayodashi Tithi Ends 13 November 2020 05:59 PM
Pradosh Kaal Timing November 13, 05:38 PM – November 13, 08:15 PM

Dhantrayodashi Puja Samagri

  • Basil leaves
  • Panchamrit
  • Diyas and candles
  • Chandan
  • Rice
  • Bangals

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi (How to do Dhanteras Puja on Diwali Festival for Good Health, Wealth)

People clean their houses and yards on the first day of Diwali which is Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi. They pray to the gods of wealth, Lakshmi and Kuber on Dhanteras and hope for their prosperity in the future.

To perform the Puja vidhi of Dhanteras, take some clean water in your right hand three times with the help of a tiny ladle-like spoon that is used in auspicious occasions like Puja, and offer achamana. To meditate while performing the Puja vidhi, you will also need a lit Diya that has ghee as many people prefer using ghee for such auspicious pujas instead of using oil for the diyas.

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