12 Essential Safety Diwali Tips For Kids

Diwali is a festival known for decoration of diyas, celebrations involving firecrackers and a lot of beautiful lights. All these lights in Diwali represent the thought that darkness will fade away, one diya at a time. But because of the lights and fireworks, there is a high risk of health hazards and injuries. In Diwali, regardless of the age, people light diyas and enjoy fireworks and younger people obviously have more involvement in such celebrations, which, also might lead to a higher possibility of negligence towards some essential safety procedures.

Essential Safety Diwali Tips For Kids

Essential Safety Diwali Tips For Kids

Essential Safety Diwali Tips For Kids

Here are some tips that one should follow in order to make Diwali a safe festival.

The things that one can consider are :

  1. Buying all the fireworks from an authorized shop, licensed by the government.
  2. Keeping the fireworks in a closed box and away from sources of fire.
  3. Keeping the fireworks out of reach from babies and toddlers.
  4. Following the instructions and safety precautions that are written on the boxes of firecrackers.
  5. Bursting the firecrackers in an open space like a playground, backyards or open fields. Do not burn the fireworks in a place that is crowded or has narrow lanes or inside a house.
  6. Checking the direction of rockets before lighting them so that those do not approach the windows or vehicles.
  7. Keeping a safe distance from the firecracker while lighting it.
  8. As a safety precaution, keep a fire extinguisher, water-filled buckets, blankets and a first aid kit handy.
  9. Make sure that the kids do not light the firecrackers without adult supervision.
  10. Do not place diyas or firecrackers near curtains or other flammable items.
  11. Do not place fireworks in your hands and then light it.
  12. Keep a safe distance between the lit firecracker and yourself and if it does not light up, do not go near it to investigate the problem light another firecracker.

Fireworks can also be skipped completely and Diwali can be a festival that does not involve burn injuries and a huge amount of pollution. But if one insists on burning fireworks, then they should do it safely.

Updated: August 20, 2020 — 2:12 pm

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